The Downside of Owning a Pet


It gets everywhere ~ on your sofa, collecting in balls and rolling around on your floor, on your clothes, in your dinner… Yes, I’m talking about pet hair, of course! Sure, we all adore our four-legged friends but sometimes their coats can be the bane of our existence! Many people …

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A Cat’s Bite Isn’t Always Just A Bite

Cat's Bite

Your fluffy feline may be the sweetest cat around, but that doesn’t mean a nip here or a bite there might occur. While the action may seem unprovoked to you, it makes complete sense to your cat. Some kitty custodians lovingly refer to their cat’s nip as a “love bite,” …

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Telltale Signs It’s time to Change Your Pet’s Food

Time to change food

It’s a long-held myth that pets should be fed the same food, day in and day out, for their entire lives. This may make sense in terms of maintaining a happy stomach, as something different may result in an upset stomach because of the system’s lack of familiarity in processing …

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Steps to Saving Your Pet’s Pearly Whites

Pearly Whites

As if we, as pet parents, didn’t have enough to worry about when it comes to our kitty and canine companion’s health, it’s now widely known that dental disease can lead to a variety of health issues for our furry friends. A recent study found 80% of dogs and 70% …

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Increase Your Dog’s Daily Dose of Exercise With These Simple Tips

Dog Walking

As a pet parent, your dog’s health is your responsibility. And an integral part of keeping your pooch healthy is providing him or her with sufficient exercise. We all know walking has the best benefits for overall health in humans, but what about for our canine companions? It just so …

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