Why hire a professional pet sitter instead of the neighborhood kid or friend?

Yes, we know the neighborhood kid or friend certainly costs a lot less, but there are many reasons why. The neighborhood kid isn’t bonded, insured or background checked for your home and pet’s protection. What happens if your dog or cat runs out of the house? What if something in your house turns up missing? What if you find something broken in your house? They are not covered in any of these scenarios. Pet sitting is not the neighbor’s profession. Most often they will not take it as seriously, nor put as much time and attention into their efforts. Does the neighbor kid know what to do in an emergency? Does he have a back-up emergency plan in place? Is he experienced with animal behavioral issues? Is he comfortable with administering drugs or medication? Does they text or email you daily to keep you updated on your pet? Do they send photos of your pets? Are they tuned into animal health issues that can arise when you are out of town? Are they experienced as a pet sitter? Pet Sitters spend all day, every day with pets and know how to deal with difficult situations. Regarding hiring friends — that is exactly what they are: friends. Don’t you want to keep them as friends?

What does a professional pet sitter do?

Most pet owners know that most pets adjust better to their owner’s absences and experience less anxiety and stress when they are able to remain on their home turf with all that is familiar. We make this possible with regular daily and overnight visits to your home. We offer playtime, walking, exercise, and clean litter boxes and cages. Some other things we do: administer oral medications, collect mail and newspapers, modify lights/blinds, water plants, and take out trash.       

How many visits a day do you provide for pets?

Most often, we provide up to four visits a day for dogs. Other animals, such as cats and small mammals, usually only require one visit per day.

How do I schedule visits?

Easy! There are a few ways for you to schedule services. You  can either fill out the CONTACT US form on our web site and we will get back with you. You can also call us at 901-647-2816 to request services, email us atmary@creaturecomfortsmemphis.net, or through our Power Pet Sitter scheduler.

What kind of animals do you pet sit?

While we specialize in pet sitting for dogs and cats as well offer dog walking, we also care for small mammals. Some of clients have been ferrets, bunnies, hamsters/gerbils and sugar gliders. We do pet sit for snakes.

Are you insured and bonded?

Absolutely! We are fully insured and bonded, and all of our employees are background checked.

What do you do in case of an emergency? Who should my emergency contact be?

During our FREE initial consultation we discuss your pet’s needs and collect information regarding your pet’s veterinarian and emergency contacts. Your emergency contact should be someone local such as a neighbor, family member, friend, or professional contact that has a key to your home in case we need to contact them.

When are payments due? What types of payments do you accept?

Payments are due at the first sit. We accept cash, checks and Pay Pal.

What areas do you cover for your services?

Currently, our service area includes Downtown, Harbor Town, Midtown, East Memphis, parts of Germantown and Cordova. If you live outside these areas and would still like to request our services please we may be able to accommodate you for an additional fee. Please contact us and let us know your location and desired services.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

We typically walk no more than 2-3 dogs at one time depending on their level of training and size. We can even walk 3 dogs safely but no more than 3. We  only walk your dogs and NEVER pack walk with other dogs. The safety and well-being of your pet is crucial to us. Be sure to give us 24 hour notice in the event that you need to cancel a dog walk.

Do you walk dogs all year around?

We walk dogs throughout the year, even in rain and light snow. However, there are a couple of exceptions: Lightning, serious thunderstorms and  icy weather. When it is very hot in the summer, we offer a couple of options: we can limit your dog to shorter, slower walks seeking as much shade as possible or we can take your pet outside for a brief restroom break, play with them inside and help burn off some energy! The safety of your pet is extremely important to us.

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