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Pet Trivia

TRIVIA: factual pieces of information that are unimportant, inconsequential, or non-essential; trifles; trivialities. If these pieces of information are so unimportant, then why do so many of us, grown-ups and kids alike, find them so interesting? Whether you realize it or not, trivia improves our understanding of the world in which we live; it expands our thinking process and provides knowledge of more than just the obvious. Plus, who doesn’t like to amaze their friends with some interesting yet random facts?   Sit back for a few and soak up these fun, interesting trivial bits about our four-legged friends and the people who love them.

Captivating Canine Trivia

Dogs 57

  1. The common belief that dogs are color blind is untrue. Dogs can see color, but not as vividly as humans see it. They can see shades of green, blue, yellow and grey, but cannot see red.
  2. Doggy nose prints are as unique as human finger prints. Fido’s nose print can be used to accurately identify your beloved buddy should he ever get lost.
  3. The Pekingese breed, often associated with Chinese emperors, is sometimes called “The Sleeve Dog” as many emperors would carry one in the sleeve of his robe. The dog served as his last defense in the event intruders stormed the palace.
  4. Dalmatians are associated with fire departments because, in the day of horse-drawn fire engines, they demonstrated a natural ability to keep the horses calm.
  5. The oldest fossil of a pet dog was discovered in southern Siberia in the 1970s and lived over 33,000 years ago.
  6. Dogs curl up in a ball when they sleep due to an age-old instinct to keep themselves warm and to protect their abdomen and vital organs from possible predators.
  7. A poll conducted by the American Animal Hospital Association found 33% of dog owners admit to talking to their dogs on the phone.
  8. It is estimated 1 million dogs in the United States have been named as primary beneficiaries in their owner’s will.

Fascinating Feline Facts

Cats 30


  1. A cat can see six times better at night than a human can.
  2. Almost 85% of solid white cats with blue eyes have a genetic tendency to be deaf. For a solid white cat with one blue eye, chances are she is deaf in the ear on the same side as the blue eye.
  3. Despite the popular belief that cats should be given milk or cream, many cannot properly digest it.
  4. Cats respond better to women than to men because of the higher pitch in a woman’s voice.
  5. According to Corner University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, cats spend between 30 and 50 percent of their time each day cleaning themselves. Self-cleaning cools, calms, and comforts them; stimulates their circulation; and keeps them clean of odors that may attract predators.
  6. If your cat grooms you, it is her way of showing you affection and marking you as a member of her family group.
  7. Cats are very sneaky; when they walk, their back paws step almost in the exact same place their front paws did, keeping noise to a minimum and limiting visible tracks.
  8. In 2011, a 94-year old Italian woman left her $13 million fortune to her cat, Tommaso, when she passed away.




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