Go Crazy with Your Treats

I was reading Huffington Post the other day and saw this article on good and bad treats for your pet, when it got me thinking about the lengths we’ll go for our pets. Today I was looking back over it, though, and was thinking, “Hey, if we’re going to go to lengths for our pets on Valentine’s Day, then let’s do it!” Of course, there are all sorts of great treats for sale and places to learn about them like petmate.com. But, if you want to go all the way, how about some homemade treats? They run the gamut from low-brow-but-effective to high-brow-and-sophisticated. Let’s start where I live – low-brow-but-effective treats. This is what Wendy Diamond’sHuffington Post article was all about. She suggests peanut butter, for example. Just good ol’ peanut butter. Okay! This is my style! I can do that. She suggests all-natural, organic peanut butter, and she’s got a point. She also suggests apples – without the skin or seeds. I figure I can do that, too, and I might even throw in some organic peanut butter with those apples. She suggests sweet potato (yep, sweet potato!), although she says that the best way to offer it is to slice and dehydrate the roots in order to make the treats chewy. My enthusiasm wanes whenever I read words like “dehydrate,” but I’m sure that she’s right and that it would be very good. For me, a tablespoon of canned pumpkin is probably my upper limit. Her final suggestion is popcorn with no butter or salt. I think I’ll make the popcorn for myself (with butter and salt) and leave the apple-peanut-butter-pumpkin treats for my dogs. I’m definitely made for quick-and-easy treat recipes, but tomorrow I’ll cover the crazier (and cooler) sophisticated treats that you’re wondering about!

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