Do We Love George Clooney Because of His Good Looks or His Love of Animals?

It may be both!!

Why Do We Love George Clooney?



The world is fascinated with George Clooney.  Is it on account of his beautiful looks and charismatic personality?  Or perhaps it is his plethora of films and acting personas?  After all, he has graced plenty of big screens with that gorgeous grin and we have all heard the stories of his sense of humor on the set.  Who wouldn’t love a man that can make you laugh?   But could it be something more that pulls on our heart strings when we hear his name, see his face?  Perhaps it is the fact that he is an enormous animal lover with the utmost compassionate heart?  Hmmm???

Well we have all heard the stories about Max, the potbellied pig who has been Mr. Clooney’s beloved pet for over 18 years.  Max is actually one of the longest relationships that George has been in.  George adored this pal and even affectionately called him Max, the star.  He frequently brought him to various interviews as well.  Max would eat up the attention!   Max passed away suddenly while George was on set filming “The Good German”.   Max lived a long and wonderful life despite a bout with partial blindness and arthritis.   George told people magazine “Strange how animals become a big part of your family.  They really become a big issue with you.”



Another lucky dog if you will, that captured the heart of the “heart throb” himself, is Einstein the Cocker Spaniel mix.  George happened to see Einstein on an animal rescue site and fell in love!  He contacted the rescue to inquire about adopting the pup and was promptly told that Einstein had to be the one to choose.  So, Mr. Clooney, practical joker that he is, rubbed turkey meatballs all over his shoes prior to their official meeting and sure enough, Einstein through himself at his feet, securing George as his new Dad!  To show his appreciation, George donated a large adoption fee to the rescue, which in turn allowed the rescue to pay down a fairly large Veterinary debt for that particular month.  Go George!      

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