Surf’s Up!!!

Ricochet. Have you heard about this amazing pooch? Well if you haven’t, let me tell you all about her! She is utterly amazing and speaks to the concept of letting one be WHO they were meant to be. Just let them BE….Here is her story…:

Ricochet was born with her life already mapped out for her by others. She was trained and raised to be a service dog from day one. She was trained before her little eyes could open, to assist folks who needed a little extra helping hand. She rocked! She excelled beyond her Mommas wildest dreams. However her natural instinct to chase after birds was just a tad too strong to allow her to continue down that pre- determined path. As we all know, having a service dog who could take off in the blink of an eye under that type of distraction, well, it just wouldn’t pan out. So instead, Ricochet was allowed to just be what she wanted to be, and follow her own path… and boy did she ever!

She took to the surf board like she was born on one! She loved it! So she hit the waves and had her first fundraising event which was to surf with a young man by the name of Patrick Ivison. This young man was a 15 year old quadriplegic who was able to surf with Ricochet and raise funds! She did an amazing job keeping the board balanced and was by his side! She was initially supposed to simply ride her own board next to the one Patrick was on but she had a different idea on how that event was to go down! She hopped onto his board and rode the waves with him!

Soon after, she was surfing contests, and began surfing with wounded warriors, Veterans with PTSD and others who were disabled in various ways. To this date, she has raised over 300,000 dollars for a variety of causes.


There is much more behind this amazing story so please visit her Facebook page as well as her website to see exclusive videos, photos and purchase merchandise to support this awesome pooch and her cause!


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