Improving Your Older Pet’s Quality of Life

Maggie Wise

Have you noticed personality changes in your pet as he ages? Is Oscar becoming ornery? As our faithful companions age, we tend to accept the changes in their behavior and physical ability, rather than challenge it. A bit of physical therapy can make a huge difference to an older animal, …

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Take Your Dog For a Walk!!!

Man with dog

Dog walking!!! Isn’t it time for you to take your dog for a walk? Does your canine companion become overwhelmed with excitement at the mere site of you holding her leash? Does she perk up her ears and tilt her head when you ask her the question “who wants to …

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Four Tips for Trimming Your Pet’s Nails

Trim Nails Giving your four-legged friend a paw-dicure can be quite the task for some. Whether it’s the result of an accidental cut of the quick in a previous nail trimming session or the dislike of having his paws touched, your pet’s aversion to nail care can take a stressful toll …

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April Mae

 I lost my sweet April Mae to canine dementia. She had been gradually manifesting dementia symptoms for a couple of months, but I thought it was simply normal signs of canine aging since she had already reached the advanced age of 15 years. But the morning of Saturday, February 14, …

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Should My Dog Eat Wet Food?


These days the different types of food available for your pets is astounding. Raw, wet, vegan, organic, kibble you name it. Many times pet owners want to know if wet food is more beneficial then kibble. Well, let me say that it really all just depends on your pup, your …

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