April Mae

 I lost my sweet April Mae to canine dementia. She had been gradually manifesting dementia symptoms for a couple of months, but I thought it was simply normal signs of canine aging since she had already reached the advanced age of 15 years. But the morning of Saturday, February 14, …

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Are Your Pets Disaster-Prepared?

Disaster preparedness 2

Disaster Preparedness and Your Pets   If a disaster were to strike tomorrow, would you be ready? Would you know what to do, where to go and what to grab in an instant? Whether you encounter an earthquake, flood or even some type of family emergency, would you be …

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Poop, Poop, Ain’t Nothin’ But The Poop


WHY DOES MY DOG EAT POOP? A Cute Poem About Doggie Doo: DOG POO I know it sounds disgusting, but its a thing you have to do, If you live with mans best friend you have to pick up poo! They come in different sizes, that’s the poo’s not the …

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