Would You Like To Improve Your Dog’s Health Today?

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One Simple Way to Improve Your Dog’s Health Credit: Every Body Walk Are you trying to improve your dog’s health or behavior?  If you are there’s ONE thing you should be doing that could drastically improve both.  Walk your dog.  Yes, it really IS that simple!  Do you walk your …

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3 BIG Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Man with dog

Did you know that by walking your dog you make him less susceptible to life threatening illnesses?  It’s true.  Daily walks will benefit your dog in a variety of ways.  Who doesn’t want the best for their canine pal? Read on to learn more! Kevin Duggan of All Dogs Go …

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Great Reasons To Hire A Professional Dog Walker


How hiring a professional dog walker can improve your pet’s health and happiness! By Katelyn Schutz, CPDT Why You shouldn’t Hire a Kid to Walk Your Dog from the Wacky Walmers: Perhaps you have a long work day, and your busy lifestyle hinders you from walking your dog more often.  …

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Finding the Right Pet Sitter


Have you ever hired a teenager or a neighbor to take care of your beloved pets when you were going out of town? How did you feel about this? Did you worry that if something happened to your pet they would not be adequately cared for? Would they have to …

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It doesn’t get any better. All in a day’s work. Balmy skies, 75 degrees, and I get to spend my day outdoors with some of my favorite buddies! From Chickasaw and Galloway Gardens to Harbor Town, Hedgemoor,  Midtown, Joffre neighborhood and Kirby and Quince, my day was packed with adventure. …

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