Pet Insurance Ponderings


    Much like medical care for people, veterinary care for your pet can be quite costly. And in the event of an unforeseen illness or emergency, costs can skyrocket. According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent approximately $15 billion in veterinary bills last year alone. As a …

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Breed Specific Legislation


Breed Specific Legislation – a blanket term for laws that either regulate or ban dangerous or potentially dangerous breeds completely in the hopes of reducing dog attacks. Many municipal governments have enacted breed-specific laws (for example, it is illegal for a person in Miami-Dade County, Florida to own or keep …

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Is it YOU or the DOG???

Dogs 80

If you peruse the internet, you’ve likely seen last month’s viral post about a Roanoke, Virginia man given an ultimatum by his girlfriend ~ “It’s either me or the dog!” His choice? Well, he did what any young, red-blooded American male with a hot girlfriend would do… he posted an …

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Dog Breeds That Don’t Bark Much!

Basenjii Looking for a new pooch but can’t handle the barking? Whether you live in an apartment with paper-thin walls, can’t fathom the idea of losing sleep over an overly vocal dog, or simply desire a quiet living environment, you’re in luck! Just for you, we’ve compiled a list of …

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Creature Comforts’ Top 10 List for Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter


If you ever watched The Late Show with David Letterman, you’re certainly familiar with his famous top 10 lists. Well, we at Creature Comforts decided to have a little bit of fun ourselves and create a list of the top 10 reasons why you should hire a pet sitter rather …

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