Improving Your Older Pet’s Quality of Life

Maggie Wise

Have you noticed personality changes in your pet as he ages? Is Oscar becoming ornery? As our faithful companions age, we tend to accept the changes in their behavior and physical ability, rather than challenge it. A bit of physical therapy can make a huge difference to an older animal, …

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April Mae

 I lost my sweet April Mae to canine dementia. She had been gradually manifesting dementia symptoms for a couple of months, but I thought it was simply normal signs of canine aging since she had already reached the advanced age of 15 years. But the morning of Saturday, February 14, …

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Holiday Foods: The Naughty and Nice List

Naughty Holidays bring feasts galore!  There are a slew of foods your pet can partake in, but keep in mind there are also a handful of toxic and unsafe foods too.  Below you will find what I call the “Naughty & Nice” list.  Print it out, put it …

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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Grass Nature Network Many dog owners encounter their pup noshing on grass from time to time. There are a few reasons as to why they may be doing this. Many believe perhaps their dog is experiencing tummy troubles however there really is not any concrete evidence linking this to one …

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October 8 Is Pet Obesity Awareness Day


Obesity, a heavy topic, no pun intended.  Many Americans are fighting this disease today; however, did you realize so are many of our pets?  Hmmm…. Now that you mention it, well, I haven’t weighed my pet lately. Sounds like not only do people really need to monitor diet and exercise, …

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