Take Your Dog For a Walk!!!

Man with dog

Dog walking!!! Isn’t it time for you to take your dog for a walk? Does your canine companion become overwhelmed with excitement at the mere site of you holding her leash? Does she perk up her ears and tilt her head when you ask her the question “who wants to …

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Battling Canine Bloat


Gastric Dilation Volvulus, commonly referred to as “bloat,” is a life-threatening condition that can affect any dog breed, at any age. The second most common cause of death in dogs, it is fatal in roughly half of all reported cases. When afflicted with bloat, your canine companion’s stomach will dilate …

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April Mae

 I lost my sweet April Mae to canine dementia. She had been gradually manifesting dementia symptoms for a couple of months, but I thought it was simply normal signs of canine aging since she had already reached the advanced age of 15 years. But the morning of Saturday, February 14, …

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Holiday Foods: The Naughty and Nice List


    sugarbeanbakers.BlogSpot.com Holidays bring feasts galore!  There are a slew of foods your pet can partake in, but keep in mind there are also a handful of toxic and unsafe foods too.  Below you will find what I call the “Naughty & Nice” list.  Print it out, put it …

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Top Tips to Exercising Your Dog Safely in the Water


This summer is a scorcher!  With heat stroke at the top of our minds, sometimes it can be difficult to get in those 30 minutes of rigorous exercise for your dog.  So, what do you do?  How about swimming?  Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises for dog and …

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