Technology Benefits Our Pets, Too!

Technology Benefits

It’s a technology driven world we live in today, from smart phones that serve as mini computers we carry in our pockets, to medical instruments that help doctors see and do things that didn’t seem possible a decade ago. Yes, technology advances every day, and people all around the world …

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Saving Money on Veterinary Care

Save Money on Vet Care

Saving Money on Veterinary Care We love our pets, and want only the best for them, but sometimes the best seems to be financially out of reach. Between fulfilling a pet’s nutritional needs, vet care, medication, grooming, and other costs associated with caring for a furry companion, it can be …

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Can Holding Your Dog’s Leash Be Dangerous?


Holding your dog’s leash improperly can result in broken fingers, scraped knees, broken wrists, lacerations, rope burns and bruises for you, not to mention a loose, lost and/or injured dog. Think about it – what if you’re out walking Fido, daydreaming about your next vacation, when suddenly he takes you …

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Changing Your Cat’s Diet

Changing Cat's Food

If your cat is a bit on the fussy side, ill, or elderly, resulting in a food change, you may encounter his finicky side and recognize how much your cat dislikes change. Helping Fluffy to like a new food or transition to a special diet can be quite the challenge. …

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Bark Collars

Bark Collar

Does Fido make a special announcement for every person that walks past? Does he bark in order to gain your attention, perhaps when he wants a treat or some playtime? When he is anxious or bored, is his go-to coping method barking? Whatever the reason, too much barking can be …

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