Saving Money on Veterinary Care

Saving Money on Veterinary Care

We love our pets, and want only the best for them, but sometimes the best seems to be financially out of reach. Between fulfilling a pet’s nutritional needs, vet care, medication, grooming, and other costs associated with caring for a furry companion, it can be quite expensive. And what happens in the event of a medical emergency when your pet’s care may mean the difference between life and death? Obviously, you want to do what’s best for your canine or kitty companion, but what if you simply can’t afford it?

Covering Veterinary Costs

Pet Insurance. Annual exams and vaccinations are a must for any pet, but when accidents and illness come into play, veterinary costs can skyrocket. Consider a health insurance policy for your pet. Many pet parents steer clear because the assumption is that pet insurance is expensive, but in reality, it can be quite affordable, with the average policy starting at $32 per month for a dog and $22 per month for a cat. Of course, your pet’s breed, your location and other factors are considered when rates are determined, but it doesn’t hurt to check out what’s available. Visit Pet Insurance Review to find out which plans could benefit you and your pet and to compare plans and prices from multiple providers.

In-house Labs and Discounts. Another way to save money on veterinary costs is to ask for in-house labs (done at the vet’s office, not shipped elsewhere). Also, be on the lookout for annual health packages such as senior wellness or puppy health packages. Many veterinary clinics offer these types of packages but don’t always advertise them. As well, many clinics offer seasonal discounts based on pet awareness months. For example, February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, so many vets provide discounted spay and neuter services during that month.

Credit / Financial Aid. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, such as an accident or necessary surgery, there is a credit card available for use at your veterinarian’s office. CareCredit is accepted by over 175,000 providers across the country, including veterinarians. With an interest rate less than 15% and fixed monthly payment amounts, your CareCredit account can be used as payment for everything from routine wellness exams to surgical procedures. The company even offers interest-free charges if paid in full within a certain time period. CareCredit may be something to consider if you don’t have an emergency fund available for your pet’s care.

As well, groups like IMOM and RedRover allow you to apply for financial aid if you can’t afford veterinary care for your pet.

There are also several national and state resources available, as well as veterinary schools, for pet parents who can’t afford necessary medical treatment for their precious pet. Check out the list of these schools and organizations, with corresponding links to their sites, on the American Humane Society’s site.

Negotiate. Finally, if you find yourself needing financial assistance in order to properly care for your pet, your veterinarian may be willing to assist. If you’re a client in good standing, your vet may be willing to work out a payment plan so that you don’t have to come up with the entire amount needed at once. You can even offer to barter a bit, providing much needed services such as kennel cleaning, answering phones, or helping with other tasks of which the pay can go toward your bill.

Paying for Medication

It’s inevitable. At some time or another, every pet will require some type of medication, whether it’s heartworm preventatives or antibiotics. Always request generic brands, when available; they provide the same benefit as the name-brand medications, but at a fraction of the cost. And remember, you don’t always have to purchase prescription medication from your vet, where the mark-up can sometimes be 100%! Use apps and websites like GoodRX and LowestMed to compare prices at your local pharmacies (these apps are great for people, too!).

It can happen to any pet ~ an illness, disease, accident… You’ve always managed to provide your pet with the medical care she needs and deserves. In the event you are faced with veterinary expenses that seem out of reach, take some comfort in knowing there are ways to get a grasp on them!





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