Tips for Managing a Multi-Dog Household

Dogs 80 If one dog is good, having two or more is even better, right?! While multiple dogs are great for companionship, entertainment and increased socialization – for both you and them – it can sometimes be a daunting task for all involved. Throw a child or two in the mix, …

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Can Dogs See Color?

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Through the Eyes of a Dog Have you ever looked at your pooch and thought about what it might be like to see things from his eyes? It’s been long believed that our canine companions see only in black and white, and that levels of lightness and darkness help him …

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Do Dogs Enjoy Music?


Has your canine companion ever howled when a certain song plays on the radio? Do you leave a radio on to comfort him while you’re away from home? While it is proven music can significantly impact our mood, does it do the same for our dogs? As it turns out, …

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Did You Know — Really Cool Pet Trivia

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Pet Trivia TRIVIA: factual pieces of information that are unimportant, inconsequential, or non-essential; trifles; trivialities. If these pieces of information are so unimportant, then why do so many of us, grown-ups and kids alike, find them so interesting? Whether you realize it or not, trivia improves our understanding of the …

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Surf’s Up!!!


Ricochet. Have you heard about this amazing pooch? Well if you haven’t, let me tell you all about her! She is utterly amazing and speaks to the concept of letting one be WHO they were meant to be. Just let them BE….Here is her story…: Ricochet was born with her …

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